Etichette tessute

Scegli fra le le nostre etichette tessute e hangtags.

You can select from the following woven labels and hangtags, to give additional value to your garments realized with our fabrics "Made in Italy"

N° 1 -  Woven label, cut individually, size: 4x6cm, with our Zanier logo in ecru on black background.

N° 2 - Woven label, cut individually, size 6,5 X 5,8cm with our Zanieri Logo, for the Heritage collection, in brown on orange background. 

N° 3 -  Woven label, cut individually, size: 4x6cm, with our Zanieri logo for the Heritage collection, in brown/black on ecru background.

N° 4 - Hangtag, size 4,2x8cm, with company description on the back , for combination with label no. 3

N° 5 - Woven label uncut on roll, size cm.2,50X8cm with our Zanieri Logo for the Seersucker collection, in grey on blu background.

N° 6 - Folded Hangtag for our article 53000 Seersucker, size 9,50X6 cm.

N° 7 - label Eco friendly production, size 5,9 x 3,9cm, cut singularly, colour green/black on beige background

N° 8 - Hangtag eco friendly production, size 4x6cm, with QR code and eco friendly description on the back, to combine with label no. 7

N° 9 - Woven label uncut on roll, size 2X8cm with our Zanieri Logo, in beige on grey background.